Zoom “BLOOM” Gujarat series: No.2

“BLOOM” Gujarat series: No.2


+ Created at: Gujarat, India
+ Completion time: 7 days
+ Stitching used: Mirror work combined with soof embroidery

+ Hand embroidered floral embroidery on hand printed fabric.

+ Pattern frame around the embroidery.

+ Loops to attach the patch onto our PATCH LONG SLEEVE T / PATCH HOODIE

+ Every design is one and only.


Care instruction:

+ Please store embroidery frames in our original case in order to avoid any damage.

+ When washing at home, please gently rub the stained area under cold water (no bleach or washing detergents).

+ There’s a chance that colours may bleed, so please do not wash the embroidery frames with any other clothing.

+ Do not soak the embroidery frames under water for long period of time.

+ After wash, lay the embroidery frames flat to let it dry naturally. If ironing is required, please make sure to put a cloth over the embroidery frame to avoid direct contact.



base fabric—100% cotton / threads—100% polyester / frame—100% cotoon

Made in India



Height 17cm, Width 24cm

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